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Howard Pressburger of Wiener’s Home Hardware is the creative mind behind CBC ComedyCoup’s Nuts and Bolts

In Reviews, The West Annex on November 9, 2014 at 12:45 PM
Howard Pressburger, the creative mind behind CBC Comedy Coup's Nuts & Bolts

Howard Pressburger, the creative mind behind CBC Comedycoup’s Nuts and Bolts

By Louise Morin | Have you signed the petition yet to launch Howard Pressburger’s Nuts and Bolts into the round of 15 on CBC’s ComedyCoup? The deadline is tonight to sign.

ComedyCoup is a  fan-driven comedy incubator and competition.For the past month, comedy creators from across Canada have posted thousands of videos, images and artwork on the ComedyCoup website, and asked fans to vote. The winner receives $500,000 in production financing to create a half-hour prime time special.

Pressburger is the star and creative director of Nuts and Bolts, which he wrote with partner Shana Sandler and producer Josh Tizel. The comedy is shot entirely in Wiener’s Home Hardware at 423 Bloor Street West in the West Annex, where Pressbuger has worked for over a decade. The synopsis:Nuts and Bolts logo

“Hotshot advertising executive Howard just wanted what everyone else did: fame, wealth, and power. But when he loses his job, his wife, his money and his house, he ends up back in his hometown. Determined to put the nuts and bolts of his life back together, Howard takes a job at the local mom and pop hardware store, where he discovers that the true essence of humanity just might be found near the toilet plungers. Based on true stories and anecdotes culled from Howard’s (yes, he’s a real guy!) years of working at a real life hardware store, Nuts and Bolts proves that mundane things are more important than you ever imagined and purpose can sometimes be found in little paper bags.”

You know Howard Pressburger. He’s the warm, very funny, very knowledgeable guy at Wieners Hardware who knows the store backwards and inside out. Some may not know that Pressburger is also an actor with a number of professional credits to his name including a role in Ken Finkelman’s locally shot Good Dog. If you’re like me and have been a fan of Pressberger’s blog omfghardware, you’ll love the sensibility of Nuts and Bolts: warm and wry meditations on human nature as seen through the lens of a hardware store.

After you’ve signed the petition, check out the Nuts and Bolts ComedyCoup homepagefacebook page, and twitter feed to see video, episodes and some great old photos of the hardware store.


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Ward 20 Trinity-Spadina 2014 Toronto municipal election results: Joe Cressy wins

In The West Annex, Toronto politics on October 27, 2014 at 11:07 PM
Joe Cressy romped to victory on October 27, 2014 in the Ward 20 race for councillor with   % of the vote.

Joe Cressy wins the Ward 20 race for councillor with 42% of the vote | Photo credit Mark Blevis on flickr.

By West Annex News | From the City of Toronto Elections site.


70 of 70 polls reporting

Joe Cressy: 12,466  41.7%

Terri Chu: 3,693  12.4%

Sarah Thomson: 2,808  9.5%;

Mike Yen: 1,431  4.8%

Phillip Morrison: 1,407  4.7%

Anshul Kapoor:  1,063  3.6%

Charles MacDonald: 972  3.3%

Albert Koehl: 853  2.9%

Others: – Ward 20

Total number of votes cast: 29,709, 57% of eligible voters.

TDSB School Trustee

114 of 114 polls reporting

Ausma Malik: 16,244  42.0%

Colleen Kennedy: 7,511 18.5%

Kenneth Chan: 4,436 10.9%

Michael Sims: 3,849 9.5%

Sabrina Zuniga:  3,506  8.6%

Others: – Ward 20

Total number of votes cast: 40,691.

Image of Joe Cressy by Mark Blevis. Visit his photostream on flickr.


Trinity-Spadina 2014 federal by-election results: Adam Vaughan triumphs for the Liberals

In Canadian politics, Toronto politics on July 1, 2014 at 6:00 AM


Adam Vaughan captured Trinity-Spadina for Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party of Canada in the June 30, 2014 Federal by-election. | Image credit: Justin Trudeau’s Flicker photostream

By West Annex News | From Elections Canada with 349 of 349 polls reporting:

Liberal–Adam Vaughan: 18,434  53.4%

NDP–Joe Cressy: 11,823  34.3%

Progressive Conservative–Benjamin Sharma: 2,000  5.8%;

Green–Camille Labchuk:  1,919  5.6%

Christian Heritage Party of Canada–Linda Groce-Gibbons:  174  .5%

Independent–John “The Engineer” Turmel:  141  .4%

Voter turnout: 31.61%. Total number of valid votes cast: 34,491. Number of eligible voters: 109,114, not including voters who registered on election day. In the 2011 federal election, there were 65,560 valid votes cast out of 95,363 registered voters: 68.7% voter turnout.

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