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Howard Pressburger of Wiener’s Home Hardware is the creative mind behind CBC ComedyCoup’s Nuts and Bolts

In Reviews, The West Annex on November 9, 2014 at 12:45 PM
Howard Pressburger, the creative mind behind CBC Comedy Coup's Nuts & Bolts

Howard Pressburger, the creative mind behind CBC Comedycoup’s Nuts and Bolts

By Louise Morin | Have you signed the petition yet to launch Howard Pressburger’s Nuts and Bolts into the round of 15 on CBC’s ComedyCoup? The deadline is tonight to sign.

ComedyCoup is a  fan-driven comedy incubator and competition.For the past month, comedy creators from across Canada have posted thousands of videos, images and artwork on the ComedyCoup website, and asked fans to vote. The winner receives $500,000 in production financing to create a half-hour prime time special.

Pressburger is the star and creative director of Nuts and Bolts, which he wrote with partner Shana Sandler and producer Josh Tizel. The comedy is shot entirely in Wiener’s Home Hardware at 423 Bloor Street West in the West Annex, where Pressbuger has worked for over a decade. The synopsis:Nuts and Bolts logo

“Hotshot advertising executive Howard just wanted what everyone else did: fame, wealth, and power. But when he loses his job, his wife, his money and his house, he ends up back in his hometown. Determined to put the nuts and bolts of his life back together, Howard takes a job at the local mom and pop hardware store, where he discovers that the true essence of humanity just might be found near the toilet plungers. Based on true stories and anecdotes culled from Howard’s (yes, he’s a real guy!) years of working at a real life hardware store, Nuts and Bolts proves that mundane things are more important than you ever imagined and purpose can sometimes be found in little paper bags.”

You know Howard Pressburger. He’s the warm, very funny, very knowledgeable guy at Wieners Hardware who knows the store backwards and inside out. Some may not know that Pressburger is also an actor with a number of professional credits to his name including a role in Ken Finkelman’s locally shot Good Dog. If you’re like me and have been a fan of Pressberger’s blog omfghardware, you’ll love the sensibility of Nuts and Bolts: warm and wry meditations on human nature as seen through the lens of a hardware store.

After you’ve signed the petition, check out the Nuts and Bolts ComedyCoup homepagefacebook page, and twitter feed to see video, episodes and some great old photos of the hardware store.


What’s the best store in the West Annex


What’s the best store in the West Annex?

In The Maven on March 7, 2011 at 12:05 AM

By The Maven | I was rushing down to the U of T Athletic Centre today and wondering as I passed all our local shops, what’s the one store I couldn’t live without along Bloor Street. Well actually, I thought, there’s two.

Wiener's Home Hardware at 432 Bloor Street West was established in 1923. Four generations of Wieners have worked in the store. 

The first is Wiener’s Home Hardware. What would I do when I need that one screw or one washer on Saturday afternoon? Oh sure, I could schlep over to Crappy Tire or Home Despot and spend half an hour looking for parking, and another half hour looking for what I need. Or spend even longer looking for someone to help me. And then I would have to buy 125 of whatever in a pre-packaged bundle. Nope, Wiener’s is the place to stroll. Unless I need a major power tool or a specialized item for my bikes or car, the likelihood of Wiener’s having it is better than anywhere else.

Watch out for Howard, right. Sure he's knowledgeable, but he's also a Habs fans. Yeah Howard, 1967 was a long time ago.  But so was 1993.  Howard can be seen Sunday nights in the new HBO series Good Dog playing, uh, a guy who works in a hardware store. Way to stretch Howard.

But a warning here. Both Bob and Howard are very knowledgeable, but they are hardcore Habs fans. If you live and die with the twists and turns of the Leafs, please let both these guys have it. Bob grew up east of Toronto, but Howard was born here*, and just happened to be be living in Montreal when they won the Stanley Cup. Hey, you live HERE now. Oh well.

Book City at 501 Bloor Street West, where people know books

What is the other store that I wander into at least twice a week?  Book City. If they don’t have a book, they can and will get it faster than any other bookstore. And the people who work here know books. The employees at Book City (unlike BMV) are book people who can make knowledgeable recommendations, answer any question and actually help you locate a book in the store.

Book City interior

And my other favourite store? What, you say, I’ve already had two shots at a single fave and now want to do a third? Yep. And it’s west of Bathurst, not really in the West Annex at all but on the Koreatown strip of Seaton Village. But still in the ‘hood.

Above All Electronic Surplus | 602 Bloor Street West

And this place happens to be a gem of a treasure trove of wonderful stuff. I’m talking about Above All Electronic Surplus at 602 Bloor Street West.

The Maven calls Above All Electronic Supply "a gem of a treasure trove of wonderful stuff, at incredibly low prices"

Steve, the owner, stocks the most incredible assortment of wonderful stuff, from alkaline batteries to great tools to rare earth magnets (harvested from computer hard drives) and all sorts of computer and electronic peripherals, all at incredibly low prices. If you haven’t been in this store you are missing a real treat.

And these are my three favourite reasons for shopping locally in the West Annex.

You can share your favourites with me, past or present, by clicking on the comments button below.


*Correction March 9, 2011: Howard was born in Toronto. Incorrect information appeared in the original version of this article.  Thank you Howard Pressburger.

Visit Howard’s amusing blog at

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