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This week in the neighbourhood | September 27, 2013

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Heritage tree tour of Queen's Park Sunday, September 29th. See detail below | Photo credit: Alden Cundanin/Toronto Before

Heritage tree tour of Queen’s Park Sunday, September 29th. See detail below | Image credit: Alden Cundanin/

By West Annex News | There’s so much great stuff going on this coming weekend we’re going straight to it.

What’s up this weekend:

Sunday, September 29th 11AM Heritage Tree Tour of Queen’s ParkPresented by LEAF with arborist Philip van Wassenar, the tour will explore rare, old and other significant trees in Queen’s Park and Philosopher’s Walk, some of which are promised to have as much heritage value as the historic buildings around them

Sunday, September 29th 11AM: Park Crawl. Join the David Suzuki Foundation crawling by foot, bike and canoe between four parks along Toronto’s former Garrison Creek corridor.  Each of the four parks will host food booths by Pizzeria Libretto, Mildred’s Temple Kitchen, the Country General, Ursa and 13 others, and local musical acts including Lemon Bucket Orkestra, Choir!Choir!Choir! and Local 164. The crawl starts at Christie Pits at 11AM, moves to Bickford Park at 1:00PM, to Fred Hamilton Park at 2:00, and to Trinity Bellwoods at 3:00PM.

Soupalicious this Sunday from 11AM to 4PM at Wychwood Barns | Photo credit Heidi Swanson/100 Cookbooks

Soupalicious this Sunday from 11AM to 4PM at Wychwood Barns | Photo credit Heidi Swanson/101 Cookbooks

Sunday September 29th noon to 4PM: Soupalicious at Artscape Wychwood Barns. Enjoy 10 free soup tasting with the cost of admission. Advance tickets $12, $20 at the door. From the website: “we highly recommended that you arrive no later than 2:30 pm to enjoy the full array of soups.”

Friday to Sunday, September 27th to 29th: U of T Toronto Science FestivalThe University of Toronto is launching a public celebration of science. The festival will include keynote talks, panel discussions, film screenings, live music and dance, microscope and telescope sessions. You can even send a message into space.

Saturday and Sunday, September 28th & 29th: Culturedays. The local and totally free events in this country-wide festival are:

Ai Wei Wei's Forever Bicycles under construction in Nathan Phillips Square for 2013 Nuit Blanche

Ai Wei Wei’s Forever Bicycles under construction in Nathan Phillips Square for 2013 Nuit Blanche

And don’t forget to mark October 5th, 6:51PM in your diary for the big one – Nuit Blanche 2013. You can preview Ai Wei Wei’s Forever Bicycles under construction now in Nathan Phillips Square. More on Nuit Blanche next week.

This week in and around the neighbourhood

Hot Docs has completed their first economic impact study.  It shows the festival contributes $29.9 million to Ontario’s GDP. [Broadcaster]

Anne Mirvish, wife of the late Honest Ed Mirvish, died at age 94 on September 20, 2013. [National Post]

Kensington Market | Credit:  Friends of Kensington Market

Kensington Market | Credit: Friends of Kensington Market

Keep Walmart out of the Kensington neighbourhood. Friends of Kensington Market are crowd-sourcing for funds to pay for traffic and market impact studies and for a lawyer to represent them at the Ontario Municipal Board.  If you care about the market, donate here, and sign the petition at  “We are seeking to have Torontonians build Toronto, and not the OMB or Walmart” says Councillor Adam Vaughan.

The 2014 mayoral race see-saw. First The Star reported that Olivia Chow received assurances over the summer that councillors Adam Vaughan and Shelley Carroll will not enter the 2014 mayoral race, thus eliminating any rivals from the left. The latest Forum Research poll showed Chow would defeat Rob Ford in a head-to-head race 57 per cent to 33 per cent. Then the mayor scored $660 million in funding from the feds for the Scarborough subway and got a bump up in his approval rating to 49%.

Meanwhile, Michael Bouck AKA @VainHostile told us on Twitter this week about the ABCDEF movement – Anybody but Chow or Dat Eedjit Ford.

Speaking of the mayor, Ford Fest West was held in Centennial Park in Etobicoke on the evening of September 20, 2013. Here’s what you missed:



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Image credits:

The before and after image of a Queen’s Park tree was used with the kind permission of Alden Cundanin. Visit his Toronto Before blog for more of his enchanting juxtapositions of historic and contemporary Toronto images, and follow him on Twitter.


Proposed federal riding redistribution will remove the Annex, Seaton Village from Trinity-Spadina

In Canadian politics, Ontario politics, Toronto politics on August 27, 2012 at 8:22 PM

Under the proposed federal riding redistribution, the Annex and Seaton Village will move from the riding of Trinity-Spadina to St. Paul’s. | Image credit: 2012 Redistribution Federal Electoral Districts

By West Annex News | A proposed federal riding redistribution will remove the Annex and Seaton Village from the electoral district of Trinity-Spadina where NDP Olivia Chow is the sitting federal member, into St. Paul’s which is represented by Liberal Carolyn Bennett.

Provincially, Trinity-Spadina is represented by NDP Rosario Marchese, St. Paul’s by Liberal Eric Hoskins.

Municipally, the Annex and Seaton Village will move from Trinity-Spadina’s Ward 20 which is represented at Toronto City Council by Adam Vaughan. St. Paul’s is divided into two wards. The western part of the riding (Ward 21) is represented by Joe Mihevc and the east by Josh Matlow .

A map showing all current and proposed riding boundaries can be found here.

More on the proposed riding redistribution on, and OpenFile.


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h/t Claire McWatt @ClaireYYZ on Twitter.

Trinity-Spadina 2011 federal election results: Chow crushes opposition

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By West Annex News | From Elections Canada, with 317 of 317 polls reporting:

NDP Olivia Chow: 35,493 – 54.1% of votes cast

Liberal Christine Innes: 15,218 – 23.2%

Conservative Gin Siow: 10, 938 – 16.7%

Green Rachel Barney: 3,279 – 5.0%

Libertarian Chester Brown: 454 – 0.7%

Marxist-Leninist Nick Lin: 178 – 0.3%

Total number of valid votes cast: 65,560 out of 95,363 registered voters – 68.7% voter turn-out.

The Maven’s Election Diaries | The Liberals and NDP battle for Trinity-Spadina

In Election diaries, The Maven on April 22, 2011 at 12:05 AM

Image credit: Michael Loudon

By The Maven | Thankfully, this is a riding where we don’t have to worry about the Conservatives winning. We can vote as we wish without having to worry about voting strategically.

Or at least so we thought.

Olivia Chow has held the riding for the NDP since 2006. Before that Tony Ianno held it for the Liberals between 1993 and 2006. Although Chow won in 2008 with a 3500 vote lead over Liberal Christine Innes, the latter ran a terrible campaign. She doing a better job this time around. Rumour has it that this riding is a toss-up right now.

I was at the Trinity-Spadina all-candidates meeting on Wednesday, April 20, and some of my thoughts follow.

What I find interesting about Innes’ campaign is what isn’t being discussed, or at least not by her.

For instance, I feel strongly that a candidate be judged on her own merits. The fact that she is Tony Ianno’s wife should theoretically not be held against her. However, I do find it interesting that she has made no mention of their relationship at all in this election. In fact I cannot find out much of anything about her. Aside from having four children and being involved in the Annex Residents Association and her church, she is a self-described community leader of whom very few people seem to have knowledge.  The bio she provides on her website suggests she has a long history of political backroom activity within the Liberal Party and works now as a political appointee to a provincial Liberal cabinet minister.

She really sounds like the proverbial backroom boy. Not a lot different from our previous Liberal MP, her unspoken husband. You may remember he was called out for having the worst participation record of any Toronto MP in the House of Commons and for supporting causes–like the Toronto Port Authority–hostile to Torontoians’ interests.

There are some questions that some people in this riding would like addressed:

  • Given that Mr. Ianno, your husband, is under investigation by the Ontario Securities Commission, what is your stand on ethics in government. Debate moderator Gus Sinclair didn’t do you any favours when he called this question out of order at the debate. Yes, I know that you and your husband are two different people, but I think the voting electorate has a right to know if there are ill-gotten gains involved.
  • Given the legacy of the sponsorship scandal and the concerns around your husband’s trust funds to get around Elections Canada rules about campaign financing, would it not have been better to let someone fresh carry the banner for the Liberals locally, rather than pursue an Ianno/Innes dynasty?
  • How can we trust  your commitment to public education given your choice to send your children to private school? In fact, what then is your commitment to Medicare given the context of the choices you make in your private life?
  • What is your stand on same-sex marriage  as well as access to abortion?

Well fellow Trinity-Spadina-ites, without those questions answered, I don’t feel comfortable with Ms Innes. The previous Liberal government left power with an unfortunate reputations for sleaze. It’s important that all Liberals make a clear break from that era. Innes’ close ties with the last Liberal member don’t do much to dispel old perceptions. I think people can be  judged by the company they keep and it’s company I am not comfortable with.

Frankly, from what I saw at the debate of Rachel Barney, the Green Party candidate, I quite like her. But while I would love to see Elizabeth May have a seat in the House, I am not going to vote Green and take a chance that the Liberals will take this seat, much as I would prefer to see the Liberals form a government. This last statement is based on my belief that only the Liberals can get enough seats nationally to have a realistic chance of unseating the Conservatives.  New opinion polls just out this week may change this scenario. More in the days to follow.

In Election Diaries, The Maven comments on the leaders, the parties, the issues and the campaigns for Canada’s 41st federal election.

Read more of The Maven’s Election Diaries at

For past articles by The Maven on the West Annex News, visit The Maven archive.

Visit Michael Loudon/thorneypup’s photostream on Flickr.

Chow, Innes in a dead heat heading into Trinity-Spadina all-candidates meeting Wednesday, April 20, 2011

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Olivia Chow and Christine Innes | Image credit Medmoiselle T/candidate website respectively

By West Annex News | According to Project Democracy, NDP candidate Olivia Chow and Liberal Christine Innes are running neck and neck in Trinity-Spadina. Projections based on the most recent polls say only 15 votes separate the two candidates out of an expected 60,000 to be cast on election day, May 2, 2011.

Close polls should make for a lively debate at the Trinity-Spadina all-candidates meeting on Wednesday, April 20 at 7:30PM at Trinity-St. Paul’s church, 427 Bloor Street West.

Trinity-Spadina riding map | Image credit Slyguy/Wikimedia Commons

The riding of Trinity-Spadina encompasses most of the western part of downtown Toronto, and is one of the most ethnically diverse in Canada, containing Toronto’s Chinatown, Koreatown, Little Italy, and Little Portugal. More than 41 per cent of residents listed other than English or French as their first language. The Annex, West Annex and Seaton Village make up the northern part of the riding, from Bloor Street to the CPR tracks north of Dupont Street.

Although the riding has been described as the most left-leaning in all of Toronto, it has changed hands regularly between the NDP and Liberals since the riding was created in 1988 out of the former ridings of TrinitySpadina, and smaller parts of Toronto Centre—Rosedale and Parkdale—High Park.

In the 2001 Canadian census, the population of Trinity-Spadina was 106,094 people, of which 74,409 were eligible to vote.  Since then explosive growth has taken place in that part of the riding south of Queen Street where there has been a boom in residential condominium construction. The Star reports that twenty-seven new highrise condominium buildings containing 8,170 new units have been added since the last federal election alone. The Star, and others have speculated that young downtown condo dwellers bring right-wing voting tendencies with them from the suburbs where they grew up, and that Chow’s 3,475-vote margin of victory over Innes in 2008 is at risk.

Election results since the creation of the riding are:

  • 1988: NDP incumbent from the Spadina riding Dan Heap eaked out a 483-vote victory over Liberal Tony Ianno.
  • 1993: Liberal Tony Ianno won handily over NDP Winnie Ng with a 9,339 vote margin.
  • 1997: Liberal incumbent Tony Ianno defeated NDP Olivia Chow by 1,802 votes.
  • 2000: Liberal incumbent Tony Ianno defeated NDP candidate Michael Valpy by a 3,709 vote margin.
  • 2004: Liberal incumbent Tony Ianno defeated NDP candidate Olivia Chow by 805 votes.
  • 2006: NDP candidate Olivia Chow defeated Liberal incumbent Tony Ianno by a 3,681 vote margin.
  • 2008: NDP incumbent Olivia Chow defeated Liberal Christine Innes by 3,745 votes.

Both Chow and Innes have famous husbands, Chow federal NDP Leader Jack Layton, and Innes former Liberal incumbent Tony Ianno.

Rachel Barney of the Green Party and Gin Siow of the Conservatives will also be participating in Wednesday’s debate.  The Gleaner online has a good indepth overview of the riding, and interview with the candidates on the issues.