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The weekly wrap for February 11, 2011

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Custom bike painter Noah Rosen of Velocolour shows off the plaid fenders he made for Don Cherry's bike at Curbside Cycle

Picture yourself in plaid. Custom bike painter Noah Rosen of Velocolour has finished the plaid fenders for Don Cherry’s pink bike, and you can have your picture with the bike tomorrow at Curbside’s Bike Love Sale, 412 Bloor Street West. [Curbside Cycle]


Bikes on ice. Later on Saturday, head over to Dufferin Grove Park for Icycle 2011 bike races on the rink. [Duncan’s City Ride]


Councillor Vaughan to hold meeting with West Annex community, Royal St. George’s on Wednesday, February 16th at 7:00PM.  Meeting to decide various issues including how to route 500 construction vehicles through neighbourhood, interruptions of power and other essential service, immediate removal of portable. [Ward 20]

The Children’s Storefront reopens. Destroyed by fire in October of 2009, the beloved drop-in centre for kids and parents has reopened at 286 Bloor Street West. []


A great brunch. Eddie loves his meal at local fave By the Way Cafe. [T.O. Bites]


No more dorms. U of T abandons residence in favour of luxury condos geared to wealthy and foreign students. []


In defence of graffiti. Jake Tobin Garrett examines the mayor’s troublesome war on urban art. [deconstructed city]


Every Friday, the Weekly Wrap collects articles from around the web about or of interest to residents of the West Annex.

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The Weekly Wrap for January 21, 2011

In This week in the neighbourhood on January 21, 2011 at 12:01 AM

“There [sic] still ‘Left Wing Pinkos’ to me”. Don Cherry writes a thank-you note to Spacing Magazine for the donation of button proceeds. [spacingtoronto]


Why does the right support the separated bike lane network, and the left oppose it? Herb explains the perplexing politics of building cycling infrastructure in Toronto. [I Bike T.O.]


Lumpy gravy. Marcus Gee asks why only the downtown elites have to shovel their own snow. [The Globe and Mail]


Before the Dufferin Mall, there was a racetrack. Photoblair investigates the interesting history of the place where the Dufferin Mall now stands. [Photoblair]


Did you know the heritage view of the Legislature in Queen’s Park is not of significant importance? Karen Howlett reports on Superior Court of Justice Justice Harvison Young’s surprising decision to allow highrise condos behind Queen’s Park. [Globe and Mail]


“Is Toronto hero-poor?” Derek Flack reviews the short list of local heroes, and speculates why there aren’t more. [blogTO]


He wrote Billy Bishop Goes to War living in an unheated apartment over a barber shop just down from Honest Ed’s. Shelly Youngblut interviews John Gray. [CalgaryHerald]


The “Livability Movement”: Lydia DePillis traces the development of the environmental movement’s successor. [Washington City Paper]


Every Friday, the Weekly Wrap collects articles from around the web about or of interest to residents of the West Annex.

For columns from previous weeks, visit the Weekly Wrap archive.

Here’s Don Cherry’s new bike

In Reviews on December 11, 2010 at 7:28 PM

Gillian Goerz, sales manager at Curbside Cycle shows off the pink Pashley bicycle intended for Don Cherry

Torontonians who were taken aback by Don Cherry’s bizarre, hate-filled screed against pinkos and cyclists during Mayor Ford’s investiture ceremony at City Hall on Tuesday, December 7 were cheered to read the open letter to Don Cherry penned by Curbside Cycle.  “We’d like to take a little egg off your face and allow you to (literally) do a bit of backpedalling” it said.  “We’d like to give you a bicycle, in a blushing shade of ironic pink.”

Curbside is giving the pugnacious hockey commentator a stylish Pashley Tube Rider — Double Scoop. Pashley is England’s longest established bicycle manufacturer, having produced sturdy, handsome bicycles for rural and urban commuters for over 80 years at their manufacturing facility in Stratford-on-Avon.

Custom bike painter Noah Rosen of Velocolour is donating a paint job* for the bike’s fenders in a suitably Cherryesque fashion.  An online poll will determine whether the fenders — now turquoise — will be painted in a pinstripe, pink floral or pink plaid design in tribute to the belligerent bigot’s sartorial excesses.  Earlier today Curbside reported that the plaid fenders are ahead in the voting. The poll closes Monday morning, December 13th so vote now.

Gillian Goerz, Curbside’s sales manager said this morning that the shop has yet to hear from Cherry to make arrangements to accept their gift.

Curbside Cycle | 412 Bloor Street West

Curbside Cycle is located at 412 Bloor Street West in the West Annex, the pinkest of the pink heart of Toronto.  The area is represented by NDP members in both the federal parliament and the provincial legislature, and its city counselor Adam Vaughan is considered Mayor Rob Ford’s number one nemesis and possible rival for mayor in 2014.

Started in a tent in front of the Brunswick House about fifteen years ago, Curbside Cycle draws a city-wide clientele with its extensive selection of bicycles, clothing and accessories geared to the needs of urban bicycle commuters.

Don Cherry is a former professional hockey player and coach.  He played a single game in the NHL, and despite coaching the Boston Bruins of the NHL during the heyday of Bobby Orr and Phil Esposito, never won a Stanley Cup.   Cherry parlayed this distinguished career into a now 30-year gig as the dominant hockey commentator with the national public broadcaster, the CBC.  Cherry lives in Mississauga, Ontario.


12 Dec. ’10 | This article was revised  to add the recap of Don Cherry’s NHL career.

13 Dec. ’10 | * Noah Rosen has donated the custom paint job for the bike’s fenders.  Incorrect information appeared in the original version of this article.  Thanks to Gillian Goerz for the correction.

The weekly wrap for December 7, 2010

In Coming events, This week in the neighbourhood on December 7, 2010 at 12:01 PM

“More successful as a basher than a builder”. Allan Gregg on the PM’s Soviet-style monitoring system revealed in Lawrence Martin’s Harperland: The Politics of Control [Literary Review of Canada]

Two millionaire phonies bring their faux-joe-lunchbox shtick together today at City Hall. Don Cherry will place chains of office around Rob Ford’s neck []

Membership doubles, angel investor helps out. Derek Flak and Sarah Green on the progress of the Tranzac Club bailout [blogTO and NOW]

The Life and Death of the Harbord Streetcar.  James Bow traces the wandering route of the now-abandoned line. [Transit Toronto]

City dwellers emit just 30% of the carbon of their country counterparts.  Shanta Bartley discovers why it’s greener in the city than the country. [New Scientist]

The Dragon of City Hall. Susan Oppenheim profiles local hero Jane Beecroft of the Community History Project.  [Annex Gleaner]

Free Japanese film screenings at Bloor Cinema.  The Japanese Foundation of Toronto presents free film screenings at the Bloor Cinema from December 9-12, 2010. [Toronto Freebies]

Who is Toronto’s biggest embarrassment, the Leafs or Rob Ford? Toronto Mike asks you to cast your vote for our civic Hall of Shame. [TorontoMike]

Bloor Cinema | 506 Bloor Street West


Every Friday, the Weekly Wrap collects articles from around the web about or of interest to residents of the West Annex.