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The weekly wrap for February 25, 2011

In This week in the neighbourhood on February 19, 2011 at 2:00 AM

Is the Green Room back? David Topping examines how the restaurant–closed down in September 2010 with the worst health inspection record in the city–managed to re-open. [OpenFile]


The stations of Scott Pilgrim? The National Post staff have suggestions for Toronto’s own film icon statue. [National Post]


The  malling of downtown. Siri Agrell looks at how the big boxes are shoe-horning themselves into unlikely spaces to chase downtown condo dwellers. [Globe and Mail]

A 4000 square foot rival for Noah’s at Bathurst and Bloor. Bert Archer profiles Qi Natural Foods’ massive new shop, Herbs and Nutrition, in the former Payless Shoe Store premises at 572 Bloor Street West. [YongeStreet]


Soon gone, but not forgotten. Derek Flack explores a collaborative effort to collect images of Toronto urban art using Google street view. [blogTO]


Harbord and Spadina, 1899 and 2010. GBC finds two views of the intersection, taken 111 years apart. [Lost Toronto]


The City Hall Press Gallery strikes back. Sort of. Jonathan Goldsbie reports on the media’s attempt to prevent our MIA Mayor and brother from continuing to freeze out the Star. [OpenFile]


It’s not just us. Joel Kotkin laments that the world’s largest cities are failing in their traditional role of giving the poor a leg up into the middle class. []


Every Friday, the Weekly Wrap collects articles from around the web about or of interest to residents of the West Annex.

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The weekly wrap for December 31, 2010

In This week in the neighbourhood on December 31, 2010 at 12:01 AM

"Then and Now" by Erik Mauer | 1 Spadina Crescent

Beautiful, poignant, historic. 1 love T.O. collects photographs from Erik Mauer’s brilliant “Then & Now” project. [1loveT.O.]

A 29-storey hotel and condominium for Dupont and Brunswick? Perry King reports that the Wynn Group is moving forward with its application for rezoning 328 to 374 Dupont Street.  [Annex Gleaner]

“He’s not sure that Burke’s speech will make any difference to the clowns who have been hissing things about his sexuality at him for years.” Mary Rogan looks at Brian Burke’s visit to Royal St. George’s College to talk about homophobia.  [GQ]

The city’s Heritage Preservation Department employs only one person to conduct heritage evaluations. Josh OKane investigates the sad state of heritage preservation in Toronto.  [Open File Toronto]

A condo explosion is on the horizon for Yorkville . Matthew Harris documents the pending construction projects.  [blogTO ]

The Alahambra Theatre stood across the street from Honest Ed’s. GBC uncovers photos of the old theatre before its demolition in 1985 to make way for a Swiss Chalet.  [Lost Toronto]

Older, whiter ridings are given disproportionate representation to the detriment of those younger and more diverse. John Michael McGrath exposes the inequities of Toronto’s unequal wards. [Open File]

In 2005, Jacobs wrote Bloomberg  “come on, do the right thing.  The community really does know best.” Jaret Murphy reviews “The Battle for Gotham: New York in the Shadow of Robert Moses and Jane Jacobs”. [City Limits]

“The main entrance of the Heritage Mansion will be reserved only for senior staff and visitors.” Gerald Caplan uncovers some quirks in the deal Peter Munk struck with U of T for his School of Global Affairs.  [rabble]

No front door for you. The future Peter Munk School of Global Affairs | Image courtesy of SimonP/Wikimedia Commons


Every Friday, the Weekly Wrap collects articles from around the web about or of interest to residents of the West Annex.

For columns from previous weeks, see the Weekly Wrap archive.

Visit Erik Mauer’s entire “Then and Now” photoset.