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Trinity-Spadina 2014 Ontario provincial election results: Liberal Han Dong unseats NDP Marchese

In Ontario politics, The West Annex on June 13, 2014 at 12:32 AM
Liberal Han Dong unseats long-time NDP incumbent Rosario Marchese.

He lead from the bell: Liberal Han Dong easily unseated long-time NDP incumbent Rosario Marchese in last night’s provincial election | Image credit:

By West Annex News | From Elections Ontario, with 297 of 297 polls reporting:

Liberal–Han Dong: 26,934  46.3%

NDP–Rosario Marchese*: 17,759  30.5%;

Progressive Conservative–Roberta Scott: 8,094  13.9%

Green–Tim Grant:  4,111  7.1%

Libertarian–Andrew Echevarria: 729  1.3%

Vegan Environmental–Paul Figeuiras: 308  .5%

Party for People with Special Needs–Dan King:  265  .5%


Total number of votes cast: 58,200. Trinity-Spadina population (2011): 144,733; eligible electors: 96,793. Unofficial voter turnout 60.1%.

This article was updated with final voting data on June 13, 2014 at 12:28PM.

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