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This month at the galleries

In At the galleries, Coming events on May 14, 2011 at 9:00 PM

By West Annex News | Another rainy weekend, perfect for checking out the new shows at the galleries in and around the West Annex. Three of the galleries are participating in or presenting shows to compliment Contact, the largest photography festival in the world, which is held annually throughout the month of May across the Greater Toronto Area.

Our local gallery district is centred around Bathurst Street, from Dupont Street south to Harbord  Street. Starting from the north end and working south, here’s what’s on:


Image credit La Parete Gallery

La Parete Gallery, 1086 Bathurst Street, gallery Hours Monday to Saturday 10AM to 6PM.

Carl Beam is one of Canada’s most important artists, and the first of native ancestry to have his work purchased by the National Gallery of Canada as contemporary art. He worked in various photographic mediums, mixed media, oil, acrylic, spontaneously scripted text on canvas, works on paper, Plexiglas, stone, cement, wood, handmade ceramic pottery, and found objects, in addition to etching, lithography, and screen process.

Beam’s Columbus Suite will be on display at La Parete, a multimedia work made to commemorate the 500th anniversary of Christopher Columbus’ arrival in North America in 1992.


Ray Mead, Untitled, 1991 | Image courtesy of Barbara Edwards Contemporary

Barbara Edwards Contemporary, 1069 Bathurst Street, gallery hours: Wednesday to Saturday 11AM to 6PM.

Ray Mead was a prominent member of the Painters 11, a group of Canadian artists formed in 1953 and dedicated to abstract art. While Mead’s work came to prominence in the 50s and 60s, this show focus on the prolific last decade of the artist’s life bringing together canvases, works on paper and drawings dating from 1985 – 1996.

The show continues to June 18, 2011.


Continuing at Ideasincorporated, 1081 Bathurst Street, Mixed Context by Max and Oliver Heinrich, gallery hours: Wednesday 12 to 3PM, Thursday to Sunday 12 to 5PM.


Photo credit Steve Sherman

Gallery 918, 918 Bathurst Street, gallery hours: Sunday noon to 5pm

Hurry to see Steve Sherman’s  “A Landscape Seen” which ends tomorrow, Sunday May 15th. Sherman works with large format sheet film cameras in traditional silver gelatin, silver chloride and the occasional platinum palladium processes to create works exclusively in black and white. He uses no digital means to enhance or otherwise produce his hand-made photographs which have been described as “absolutely breathtaking with clarity and depth indescribable”.


Images courtesy of Erin Baubacher and Communication Art Gallery

Communication Art Gallery, 209 Harbord Street, gallery hours: Monday to Friday 12 to 8PM, Saturday and Sunday 12 to 6PM.

Erin Brubacher’s Map Making arises from the artist’s homecoming after a 13-year absence from Toronto in which she lived in 10 different cities. Called “the chronicles of a decade of nomadic living” the images are positioned in relation to one another based on both formal connections and nuances of content/context to honor the artist’s personal memory of the particular time and place.

The show continues to June 1, 2011.


View West Annex gallery walk for May 2011 in a larger map



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