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Rob Ford supports the NDP!

In The Maven on March 5, 2011 at 12:05 AM

Provincial Conservatives Hudak and Harris: not exactly urban-friendly | Image credit G. Keeming, YouTube screen capture

By The Maven | Mayor Robdoug announced late this week that if Dalton McGuinty doesn’t cough up the over $300 million he has asked from the Ontario government he will work against the Liberals in the next provincial election this October.

Now, never mind that Robdoug shamed the previous City Council for asking Ontario for money (“Toronto has a spending problem, not a revenue problem”) and that he has cut taxes, amounting to about $120 million in lost revenue to the City. And, of course we know that Robdoug is a member of the Conservative Party.

However, here is the thing: the Conservatives, who began the beggaring of Toronto under Mike Harris, are not urban friendly and would be less likely than the Liberals to give money to Toronto.

So, that leaves the NDP, as pro-urban, downtown progressives to support Toronto. Which can only mean that Robdoug is about to announce his support for the Ontario NDP in the fall election.

Who says shit doesn’t stick?


See gkeeming’s channel on YouTube.

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