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Rocco Rossi: political opportunist or has he just come home?

In The Maven on February 2, 2011 at 10:17 PM

Rocco Rossi, to Rob Ford's right | photo credit Wikimedia Commons

By The Maven | So Rocco is running for the Conservatives in the next provincial election. He was interviewed by the CBC yesterday and asked whether people could accuse him of being a traitor for defecting from the Liberals to the Conservatives.  He responded that many politicians–for example Bob Rae–had changed political parties.

But Bob Rae was no opportunist when he was an NDPer. Whatever you may think of Bob, he didn’t join the NDP as a route to power. And when he migrated to the Liberals, one could say that he had found his true home.

Rocco ran a very Conservative campaign for mayor. His policy proposals were at least as right wing as Rob Ford’s. My guess is that Rocco got involved with the Liberal Party because if you wanted to be in the power circle in Toronto, the place to be was the Liberals. Now that pundits are predicting political defeat for McGuinty’s Liberals in the next provincial elections,  it would appear that if you want to be in power provincially now, you have to be with the Conservatives. Rocco isn’t changing his political stripes. He is simply an opportunist. He was a right-wing Liberal when he thought that was the road to power. He is now a Conservative because he believes this is their turn in the sun.

Of course, we can only hope that his brand of neoconservatism doesn’t gain much traction with the electorate. But Rocco is not a traitor or a turn coat. He is simply a politician of the most realistic kind.


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