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The weekly wrap for November 28, 2010

In This week in the neighbourhood on November 28, 2010 at 12:05 AM

Best Cappuccino in Toronto comes to Bloor. Barbora Simek interviews celebrity barista Sam James about the opening of his second location, Sam James Coffee Pocket, at 688 A Bloor Street West. [blogTO]

Do lattes really make you vote Liberal? Eric Grenier debunks  a correlation between Starbucks and Canadian political affiliations. [Globe and Mail]

Is the Mink Mile even better than ever? Christopher Hume extolls the revitalization of Bloor between Church Street and Avenue Road. []

“The first float was called ‘Rob Ford’ and it passed without any fanfare.” Toronto Mike’s hilariously misanthropic take on Toronto’s 2010 Santa Claus Parade. [Torontomike]

Ford throws Vaughan a bone with AGO appointment. Royson James and David Rider report on the mayor-elect’s attempt to soothe the culture crowd.  []

Gentrification reaches Dupont at Howland. Bert Archer discusses the $250,000 renovation of the former diner at 268 Howland into the upscale Fanny Chadwick’s.  [YongeStreet]

Seven minutes and $10.56 to get from Lula Lounge to Lee’s Palace at 11:00PM. Time, distance and fare estimates for taxi rides in Toronto, and around the world.  [World Taxi Meter]

Cyclists rejoice; bike routes coming to Google Maps. Joe T. celebrates the omniscient information behemoth’s  intention to include bike trails and bike-friendly routes on Map searches for eight Canadian cities. [Biking Toronto]

Lee's Palace | 529 Bloor Street West


Every Friday, the Weekly Wrap collects articles from around the web about or of interest to residents of the West Annex.


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