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In uncategorized on November 27, 2010 at 9:37 PM

“The Annex Residents’  Association . . . seems to exist primarily to give people an outlet to oppose home renovations they don’t think are Annexy enough. . .

Throughout its history, it has opposed much that ultimately made Jane Jacobs and much of the rest of the city such fans of the neighbourhood . . .

They’ve done benevolent things as well — they conduct walks and plant flowers in local gardens — but they are, like most such organizations, an essentially conservative force.

Associations like this abound across the city and . . . their members often behave in ways that are self-serving and small minded.”

– Archer, Bert. “Teaching the City of No to say yes.” Local Motion:  The Art of Civic Engagement in Toronto. Ed. Meslin, Palassio & Wilcox. Toronto: Coach House Books, 2010. 14-29.



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