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Earth Hour report card

In uncategorized on May 1, 2008 at 11:10 PM

By West Annex News | Ah, Earth Hour, when you care enough to make a token gesture.  Then again, some don’t even care that much.

Here’s our own highly subjective report card on March 29, 2008 Earth Hour in the West Annex.


Honest Ed's | 581 Bloor Street West

The gaudy old tart of  Bloor Street shows her heart of gold: Honest Ed’s outs her billion flashing lights –  for an hour. Grade: B

Dooney's | 511 Bloor Street West

While outside the iconic sign remained on, inside was a strictly candlelight-only affair at local fave Dooneys. Grade: B+

By the Way Cafe | 400 Bloor Street West

Walking the Walk: The glare of nearby streetlights and signs are deceptive:  it’s strictly LED light strings and candlelight inside By the Way Café. Grade: A


Lights ablaze at Fresh |521 Bloor Street West

Talking the talk. Some adopt vegetarianism as the most meaningful lifestyle change one can make to combat  climate change.   And then there’s Fresh, where it was business (and lights) as usual. Grade: F

All lights on deck at Royal St. George's College | 120 Howland Avenue

With outside lights ablaze in every building, Royal St. George’s demonstrates its usual care and concern for the welfare of others. Oh, and look, someone’s left a window open to let the heating escape. Grade: F

Who says the big corporate chains are uncaring?

Who says the big chains are cold and uncaring?  We do!  It’s lights on as usual at Starbucks, Pizza Pizza, and Cobbs. Grade: F


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